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How to delete a WordPress account?

If you want to permanently remove your WordPress account, you’ll notice 1 thing after a while: a wordpress account itself can never be deleted (it’s for your own security).

BUT: If there are several admins on a WordPress blog (or if you create a dummy admin), he/she can delete your profile from the WordPress so you have nothing to do with it anymore.

We’ll show you how it’s done:

 1  Let the 2nd user (or dummy user you created) log in

by going to http://www.[yoursite].com/wp-login.php and entering the current username and password.

delete wordpress account 1


 2  Users > All users

is what needs to be selected now in the WP dashboard menu.

delete wordpress account 2


 3  Delete

You can’t delete yourself when you’re logged in, but a dummy or other user can click now on the Delete button.

delete wordpress account 3


 4  Confirm deletion

but decide first whether your content should be kept on the blog or must be deleted with the account too.

delete wordpress account 4


 ✅  Result

The WordPress user is deleted from the platform.

delete wordpress account 5

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