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How to delete Uplay account from Ubisoft?

If you want to permanently remove your Ubisoft Uplay account, you came to the right place. This is what you need to do to close it:


 1  Open ticket support page

by going to using the green button below).

[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Open Ubisoft ticket support page > [/button-green]


 2  Log in to Uplay

by entering your email address and password.

delete uplay account 2


 3  Fill in the fields

Choose for example:
CATEGORY: Account /login
SUBJECT: Request to remove Uplay account
QUESTION: Please delete my Uplay account. My username is XXX, my email is XXX and the reason I want to close my account is XXX.

Click on Continue when you’re done.

delete uplay account 3


 4  Submit question

is the button you need to choose next.

delete uplay account 4


 5  Confirmation

that a ticket and reference number have been created.

delete uplay account 5


 6  Delete the app afterwards

When you receive a confirmation by email that your account was removed, you’re free to delete the app from your device.

delete uplay account 6


 ✅  Result

Your Uplay account will be closed after confirmation from the customer service.

3 thoughts on “How to delete Uplay account from Ubisoft?”

  1. I just deleted my account, UBI was not happy and tried to make me work hard to find all serial keys for confirmation. Easy way out: I edited all information (name,etc) to random stuff and changed email to a temporary email provider, confirmed the new email it and then deleted the temporary email. Finally got rid of them FOR GOOD!

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