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How to delete a Wikipedia account?

If you want to remove your Wikipedia account, you’ll notice the same thing as I did while looking for a solution: There isn’t a delete button in the account settings.

 1  Asking Wikipedia itself what I needed to do

Because I couldn’t find a solution myself, I contacted the Wikipedia information team. They responded very quickly and professional.

Out of their response, we need to conclude that we need to change the information in our account to dummy text, reinforce the password and just leave the account behind the way it is. So that’s what we are going to do.

delete wikipedia account 1

 2  Log in to your Wikipedia account

delete wikipedia account 2

 3  Select “Preferences”

in the right top corner.

delete wikipedia account 3

 4  Starting from this page

you can change your password to a difficult combination of digits and change all of your account info to “lorem ipsum”.

delete wikipedia account 4

 ✅  Result

Nobody can recognize your account (as you changed your info) or enter it (as your password is now impossible to retrieve).

You can say goodbye to Wikipedia now and leave it behind, feeling very secure.

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