How to delete a WeChat account?

Updated: 09/08/2016. WeChat recently added a functionality in the app to remove your account.

We’ll show you in this guide step by step what you will need to do to delete your account:

 1  Open the WeChat app and select ‘Me’ in the menu

delete wechat account 1

 2  Tap on ‘Settings’

delete wechat account 2

 3  Choose ‘My account’

delete wechat account 3

 4  Scroll down to the bottom, where you will see: ‘Delete account’

that you want to reset your account and delete your whole conversation history with it.

delete wechat account 4


 5  Mark that you have read the terms and choose ‘Next’

delete wechat account 5

 6  Enter your WeChat ID, password and the captcha

delete wechat account 6

 7  Leave a reason for removal and tap on the ‘Remove’ button

delete wechat account 7

 ✅  Result

You’ll see a message appear: Account has been deleted. 

As your account has been closed, you’re now free to remove the app from your device if you want to.

delete wechat account 8

Source (& thanks to): WeChat app for iOs iphone


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