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How to delete a Wattpad account?

Wattpad connects writers and stories all over the world. But if you’re done reading, you might be looking for a solution to delete your Wattpad account. If that’s the case: Just read on, because I’m about to explain how you can close your Wattpad account.

I’ll show you below with pictures how I managed to permanently remove my profile using a desktop computer:

(Are you using a mobile phone? Please note that you can not remove your account in the app, but need to go to and follow the same steps as mentioned below)

 1  Go to

delete wattpad account 1

 2  Log in to your account

with your associated email address and password.

delete wattpad account 2

 3  Settings

is an option you will find after you’ve clicked on your picture in the right top corner.

delete wattpad account 3

 4  Look for the close account button

It’s a small grey button that’s very hard to find on the right side at the bottom of the Settings page.

delete wattpad account 4

 5  Confirm the account removal

with the Close account button. But first you need to tell them why you’re leaving and confirm your password.

delete wattpad account 5

 ✅  Congratulations

Your account has now been removed and you will be redirect to the homepage.

delete wattpad account 6

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