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How to create a new Twitch account on mobile?

Twitch is a very popular app among gamers to watch videos on how others gamers perform. Do you want to try it out and register a new account for yourself? Then follow the steps below to sign up. 

I will show you step by step how you can create a Twitch account using the iOs monile app on an iPhone X, but the steps remain the same for any other device:

 1  Download and open the Twitch app from the App store (iOs) or Google play store (Android)

 2  Hit the button Sign up

 3  Enter your personal details

Enter your name, username, password and date of birth and choose Sign up.

 4  Verify the Twitch account

A code has beent sent to your e-mailadres. Open your email and enter the code you received in the app and hit Submit.

 ✅  Congratulations!

You have now created your own Twitch account and can start to watch videos from other players or broadcast your own, so let’s go!

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