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How to delete a Smule account?

Smule is connecting the world through music. But if one day you decide to remove your profile on their website, I can assure that there is no removal link or button in the Settings that will do the trick for you. How can you close your account? Well the only way is to ask them do to so, using their contact form.

I’ll show you below what I did to contact them about it on a desktop computer and what their answer is:

  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘Submit your feedback’ in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose remove Smule profile in the list (it’s at the bottom of the subjects you can choose from)
  4. Fill out your name, reason for deletion, a subject and description (type something like: I would like to close my Smule profile as I’m not using it anymore.
    Can you close the profile that’s associated to [Your email]?

 ✅  Result

You’re set to delete your account now.

All you need to do is reply on the mail you receive from the customer support, confirming that you want to close your account and will be gone.

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32 thoughts on “How to delete a Smule account?”

    1. Hi Dania,
      All you need to do is contact them using the URL mentioned in the article and fill in the fields. Their support team will close your account afterwards.
      Good luck!

      1. Hi Johan,
        Greetings from Malaysia. I would like my profile smule to be close pls for some reason. I did unsubscribed the package. Please assist me. As I did email for 6x but yet never get any confirmation email from your side.

    1. Hi Aen,
      Strange because as you can see they responded in my case… Make sure that you also check your junk/spam inbox, as it might end up there.

    1. Hello Eva,
      I can imagine why you’re asking, because I do remember that it took a few weeks before they answered in my case…
      But in the end at least at they did answer, something I can’t say about all customer support teams 😉

        1. Hi Danny,
          It’s been so long ago that I can’t remember for the case of Smule, but I can tell you in general that in some cases it may take up to 1 month for customer support teams to react. So don’t worry if you don’t receive a reaction immediately.

  1. Hi there,the other day my mobile has been blocked and I have to reset it. When I download back the smule app and login, it’s seem not my previous account (smule) it’s become another new account. How can I get back my previous account? I’ll tried to email smule team & ya very lucky they replied and suggested me to delete and reinstall the app. And then login the correct email and password. Yes I did that. But still not working.. I hope I can get some answers/directions here …Very appreciated it ,tq..

  2. hello ı dowlanded this app and ı access this app with my gmail an smule sent me a message and they say please verify ur account but ı didnt . but ı create one account also ı sing one song free and ı didnt press any pricely thing…but there is still my account how can ı close ?and ı didnt verify my gmail in smule gmail message ….is it a problem ı think ıf didnt verify my account then there is a no problem with it but ı want to believe that there is no my account please help me:/

  3. There is no button for cancel that account. It’s all about money! On Monday I will call my bank and block payment. Probably it’s one and only way to stop that …… I don’t know which word should I use to describe that kind of company!

  4. Hello, I love smule but some how i have 2 accts and i only need one. so i woulld like you to delete one acct and keep the other.. thank you for your time…

  5. Hi Johan
    i wanted to delete my smule account. I’ve already fill in all the fields but I cant seem to send the email. i also has fill in the captcha as well. but when i clicked send it didnt respond to anything.

    1. It didn’t work for me. I have filled the form completely, but it always refreshed to the same page and I didn’t receive any pop-up message from the site. What should I do? I have a problem as same as your problem.

  6. Hi. Will there be a response after you click “send e-mail” like “your e-mail has been sent?” ’cause whenever I click “send e-mail” I always end up on the same page with the same contents but with different CAPTCHA.

  7. Hi,
    I really want to delete my smule inbox messages but it keep coming back. Can you please help me to delete the inbox messages permanently. Thanks.

  8. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the article. Does the whole bunch of songs too get deleted once we delete our account?
    I mean , does all the collabs get deleted from the account of the collab partner too?
    I want to delete my account, but I dont want the collab performances to get deleted from the account of
    my friends who I joined.

    Would appreciate your response.


  9. If you delete your account on Smule, do all of our <3 and comments get deleted as well? Or do those stay regardless of whether or not you delete your account? I cannot find anything on=line in this subject, and my goal is for everything to be deleted… not just my account.

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