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How to delete a Skout account?

We saw that a lot of people are looking around for a solution to remove their Skout profile.

Just deleting the app won’t do the trick! Follow along with the steps and picures below to close your account the way it should be.


 1  Me

is the option you need to choose when you’re in the app.

delete skout account 1


 2  Settings

can be found when you scroll down now till MISC.

delete skout account 2


 3  Deactivate account

is a button you’ll notice when you scoll down again till ACCOUNT.

delete skout account 3


 4  Confirm

that you want to close your account by choosing Deactivate again.

delete skout account 4


 5  Enter a reason

just enter a reason of why you want to remove your profile (note: you must type something to be able to continue)

delete skout account 5


 6  Delete the Skout app

Now that the account is deactivated, we’re free to delete the Skout app from the apps we have.

delete skout account 6


 ✅  Result

Your Skout account is closed now and deleted.

Congratulations, you’re done!

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