How to delete a account?

Let’s say that you just found the job of your life.. Well if you’re looking for a button in the account settings of your Shine account to remove your profile then, just as I did first, hold your horses. The reason? It doesn’t exist.

I’ll show you what you need to do to close your account permanently the right way on a desktop computer:

 1  After reading Shine’s privacy policy…

I discovered that an account can only be removed upon request. Or as it is mentionned in Shine’s privacy policy: Upon your request, we will close your account and remove your personal information from view as soon as reasonably possible (source:

In that same privacy policy their email address is mentionned: contactus(at) So that’s the email address we need to send our request to.

delete shine account 1

 2  Go to your email

and compose an email that requests a removal of your account. That email could be looking like this:

To: contactus(at)

Subject: Closure of my Shine account


Dear Customer Service of,

I want to request a removal of my account on your website. 

> Reason: I found a job in meanwhile
> My email address associated to the account: [Your email]

Thanks in advance to confirm me the removal of my account

Kind regards,

[Your name]

delete shine account 2

 ✅  Result

The customer service will confirm you the removal of your account after a few days.

16 thoughts on “How to delete a account?”

  1. Thanks a lot Sir. This guide to shut down my account was very helpful. Often i received scam jobs from, such as Belgrave Mansions Hotel, Aberdeen or Greystoke Park Hotel, etc… Thanks again…. kindly continue to keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you, even i too sent the request to remove my account from Shine account, i use to get “n” no of Fraud scam calls from various no’s. So much the misuse our profiles. never will get into shine account.

  2. Thank u So much Sir, for this guide! I was fed up of Spam mails and fraud jobs from
    Thanks a lot. you saved me and my Time Sir..

    and i guess my mail-inbox too.

    Thank u again!

  3. Many Thanks Johan!! for your help .

    I am Fed up with .. –> Its all scam… ..just making filthy money .

  4. This really helps! Shine is one horrible site! The moment we register, we are bombarded with a lot of calls from fake recruiters demanding money for (illusionary) jobs! Thanks for guiding!

  5. Ravi Kumar Rana

    Thanks for the information. I never found a job on shine. Instead I get better job opportunities on and times jobs. Shine is always asking for premium membership and never provide better options.

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