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How to delete a Quora account?

If you want to close a Quora profile, you’ll be looking for a while on how to do that.

We show below how we removed our Quora profile on a desktop computer:

 1  It’s hidden very well

Honestly: I didn’t find a solution to remove the account myself, until I found the answer in Quora’s FAQ. They ask to send a mail that included a link to your profile to privacy(at) so that’s what we’re going to do in step 2.

delete quora account 1


 2  Send the e-mail

To: privacy(at)
Subject: Request to delete my Quora account.
Message (e.g.): Dear people of Quora, I would like to remove my account as I’m not using it. My associated e-mail is [fill in yours]. My profile url is: [fill in yours]. Thanks in advance for closing it. Kind regards, [Your name].

The message is set so you send it afterwards.

delete quora account 2



 ✅  Congratulations

The same day, you will receive normally, just as I did, a confirmation from the Quora support team that says that your account has been permanently removed from their database.

delete quora account 3

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