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How to delete a Ask fm account?

If you want to close a, you can do that easily in the Settings page.

We show below how we removed our Ask fm profile on a desktop computer:

 1  Open

Go to on a desktop computer (or click the green button below):

[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Open > [/button-green]

delete ask fm account 1


 2  Login to your account

by typing your associated email address and password.

delete ask fm account 2


 3  Settings

can be found in the right top corner right after the login.

delete ask fm account 3


 4  Deactivate account

is a small grey button that can be found when you scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page.

delete ask fm account 4


 5  Click the deactivate account button

after typing your password.

delete ask fm account 5


 ✅  Congratulations

Your profile has now been deactivated. Keep it like that and the result will be the same as a permanent removal (but that button doesn’t exist).

Source screenshots:

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