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How to delete an Oovoo account?

If you want to remove your Oovoo account, you’ll notice that it’s not easy. The reason is that there is no simple remove button to close an Oovoo profile.

Therefore we show you below (using the iPhone app) what you need to do to get rid of your account, if you ever want to:

 1  Click on your profile picture

when you’re in the Oovoo app.

delete oovoo account 1


 2  Settings

delete oovoo account 2


 3  Choose Privacy & Security in ‘Settings’

and change “who can find me?” from Everyone > Nobody.

delete oovoo account 3


 4  Choose Push notifications in ‘Settings’

and change all green (activated) buttons to white (inactive).

delete oovoo account 4


 5  Go back and choose Edit

delete oovoo account 5


 6  Hide yourself now

by removing your picture and changing your name (e.g. to lorem ipsum). Choose Save afterwards.

delete oovoo account 6


 7  All functions in the app are deactivated

and you’re free to delete the Oovoo app from your device if you want to.

delete oovoo account 7


 ✅  Result

Everything in your account (name, picture, functions) is now deactivated.

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