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How to delete an OkCupid account?

Zoosk counts an enormous amount of members! But do you want to remove your profile anyway? Then we explain in baby steps what you need to do to close it:

 1  Click on Settings

after clicking on your profile picture in the top corner while you’re logged in.

delete okcupid account 1


 2  Delete account

is the button you will notice when you scroll down until you see: “Need a break?”.

delete okcupid account 2


 3  You’ll get a warning

that all your messages, pictures, emails,.. will get lost. Choose Continue if you’re sure you’re OK with this.

delete okcupid account 3


 4  Click on the delete button

after indicating a reason why you want to remove your profile and entering your password.

delete okcupid account 4


 ✅  Result

Your OkCupid account is now permanently closed.

delete okcupid account 5


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