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How to delete a GroupMe account?

If you want to permanently delete your GroupMe account in a fast way, you came to the right place.

We explain in baby steps guided by pictures how to remove your profile:

 1  Be aware first

of the fact that there’s no button integrated in the GroupMe app to just delete your account. You can look for yourself, but all you’ll do is loose your time, just like we did.

What can you do then to remove your profile? While we were looking at the official GroupMe Twitter account, we noticed that they say that the only way is to ask their customer service team by emailing to: 

delete groupme account 1


 2  Write the email

Write a message like:

Dear customer service of GroupMe,

I would like to delete my account on GroupMe, as I’m not using the service anymore.
My name on GroupMe is: Account deleters
My email address on Groupme:
Thanks in advance for confirming me this removal.
Kind regards,

and send it to:

delete groupme account 2


 3  Remove app after confirmation

Once you’ve received a confirmation mail from the GroupMe support team that your account has been closed, you can remove the app from your device.

delete groupme account 3


 ✅  Result

Your GroupMe profile is removed and so is the app. Congratulations, you’re done!

Source (& thanks to): Twitter account page of Groupme

1 thought on “How to delete a GroupMe account?”

  1. Yes but people cam still find and message tou through the app…

    “We can delete your account, but if you’re ever added to a group again you’ll begin to receive messages.”

    How is this helping me stop receiving messages if they are allowing people to add me to a group?

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