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How to delete a account?

If you want to close a Mylife account, you can easily do that in the Settings page of your account.

I’ll show you below with pictures how I managed to remove my profile (using a desktop computer):

 1  Login to your account on

and click on your name initials in the upper right corner. Then select My account.

delete mylife account 1

 2  Choose Deactivate account (in the menu on the left side).

delete mylife account 2

 3  Confirm that you want to remove your profile

and don’t be distracted by the orange Control your identity button.

delete mylife account 3

 ✅  Result

Your account will be deleted immediately and permanently.


Source screenshots (and thanks to):

4 thoughts on “How to delete a account?”

  1. Unfortunately this method is not correctly described. At step 3, the screen does *not* contain buttons for “Control your identity” or “Deactivate your Account”. Instead, the screen says, “To continue deleting your account, please call this toll-free number: 1-888-704-1900.” I’ve not yet tried the number, but I expect it connects to someone in customer service who tries like hell to dissuade you from canceling your account.

    1. Hi Chris,
      It’s possible that they’ve made a text change in the last 4 months since this article was published. Thanks for sharing the update.

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