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How to delete a account?

On Loveaholics you might experience a wonderful romance. But when you’ve found the partner you were looking for, you might a the same time be wondering how to close your account. In that case: Don’t look further, because I’m about to explain how you can do that in the Settings of your profile.

I’ll show you below with pictures how I managed to remove my profile on a desktop computer:

 1  Go to and login to your account

 2  Click on the gear icon (right top corner) and select ‘Settings’

delete loveaholics account 2

 3  Scroll down to the footer of the Settings page => Remove my account

delete loveaholics account 3

 4  Go through 4 steps

  • Enter your password
  • Choose the level of removal: “Remove my profile, contacts, and personal information completely”
  • Choose a reason for removal (e.g. I’ve found someone)
  • Confirm that you want to remove your profile

delete loveaholics account 4

 5  The last step is a special one

Because they’ll email you a special cancellation code. This code will arrive at your email address within an hour and will be valid for 24 hours. You need to start the removal procedure a second time and they’ll ask you to copy + paste the code you’ve received in your email.

delete loveaholics account 5

 ✅  Result

Congratulations, after entering the cancellation code you’ve received in their e-mail (you need to wait up to 1 hour for it!), you have removed your profile.


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4 thoughts on “How to delete a account?”

  1. I have followed these steps this evening and there is a 5 step that involves calling their call centre. I have tried this 3 times and each time the call line was so terrible that I could hardly hear the operator, as the call continued a siren started to sound and it was totally impossible to tell if I had indeed managed to deactivate repeat billing. I have e mailed them for confirmation. As yet no reply. Has anyone else com across the dodgy phone line ?

  2. I don’t have an account but my husbands friends do and they noticed my pics, profile, name, everything about me is being used, how would I get my identity back from someone stealing it and putting it on this sight

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