How to delete a LogMeIn account?

If you want to close a LogMeIn account, you can only do that by asking the customer service to remove it.

We will show you below how we deleted our profile on a desktop computer:

 1  Write down the email address: [email protected]

delete LogMeIn account 1


 2  Open your email account

and fill out the blanks:

Dear support of LogMeIn,

I would like to ask you to delete the LogMeIn account associated to this email address. Reason: I’m not using it. Thanks in advance to confirm me the closure.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

delete LogMeIn account 2


 3  You will receive an answer from LogMeIn

asking you to send them a written confirmation that you want to delete your profile.

delete LogMeIn account 3


 4  So that’s what we do

by stating: I hereby confirm that I want to remove my LogMeIn account.

delete LogMeIn account 4



 ✅  Congratulations

You’ll receive an email with the confirmation that your account has successfully been deleted.

delete LogMeIn account 4

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