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How to delete a Line account?

If you want to permanently delete your Line account, we have good news for you: It’s actually suite easy and you can do it using the app itself.

I’ll show below how I closed my profile on an iPhone:

 1  Settings

is the option you choose after opening the Line app.

delete line account 1


 2  Accounts

delete line account 2


 3  Delete account

is the button you need in the accounts page. (Attention: You need to scroll down to the bottom to be able to see it!)

delete line account 3


 4  Delete account

this is the final step. You’re about to remove your friends list, chat and purchase history. If you’re sure, click on the red button.

delete line account 4


 ✅  Congratulations!

Your LINE account has been succesfully deleted.

delete line account 5

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