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How to delete a Foursquare/Swarm account?

Didn’t the Foursquare app seem useful or are you looking for more privacy? Whatever the reason may be that you want to close your Swarm profile, here’s how to do it:


is the url you need to navigate to (or use the green button below).

[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Open Foursquare Settings > [/button-green]

delete foursquare account 1


 2  Log in

by entering your email/username and password.

delete foursquare account 2


 3  Privacy settings

is the option you need now (it’s on the right side right after the login).

delete foursquare account 3


 4  Delete your account

is small, blue link that you’ll notice when you look for it. It’s hidden somewhere in the middle of the long text.

delete foursquare account 4


 5  Indicate a reason

why you want to remove your Foursquare account and use the Delete account button.

delete foursquare account 5


 6  Enter your password again

to prove your identity.

delete foursquare account 6


 7  The final step: OK

and confirm that you are sure want to close your account.

delete foursquare account 7


 ✅  Result

Your account will be closed immediately.

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