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How to delete a Kik account?

 1  Click on the settings icon

in the left top corner when you’ve opened the app.

delete kik account 1


 2  Your account

is what you need to choose next.

delete kik account 2


 3  Reset Kik

is the button you click now.

delete kik account 3


 4  Confirm

that you want to reset your account and delete your whole conversation history with it.

delete kik account 4


 5  Kik was reset

and you’ll be logged out automatically.

delete kik account 5


 6  Delete the app

from whatever device you’re using. Your account is deactivated so you’re free to remove it.

delete kik account 6


 ✅  Result

Your account and the app are gone.


2 thoughts on “How to delete a Kik account?”

  1. These steps keep the kik account alive in the kik system. You need to go to the deactivation page where you enter your email address linked to the kik account. You will receive an email and then you can actually take the account out of the kik system.

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