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How to delete an Irctc account?

Irctc is the website of the Indian railway company and known for it’s eTicketing system. If you want to remove your account on their website, you’ll notice that there is no delete account button available.

That’s why I asked the Irctc customer care team how to close an Irctc account permanently.

I’m very glad that they helped me out. Below you’ll find their answer and instructions on how to remove your profile:

 1  Asking the Irctc customer care team if an account can be deleted

Their answer was very clear: Yes, an account can be removed on customer request. 

delete irctc account 1

 2  So what you need to do, is send an email with your removal request to

Just ask them to delete your user account on the website. I would like to advise to mention in your email:

  • Your user ID (= your ‘username’)
  • The email address that’s associated with the Irctc account
  • Your mobile number
  • Mention the reason for removal of your account (e.g. you moved out of India or not planning to use the train anymore)

 3  Example of how your email could look like


Request: Request to delete my Irctc account

Dear Irctc customer care team,
I have an account on but I would like to delete it because I’m not living in India anymore and moved abroad. Can you please remove my account?
My Irctc user ID: (fill in)
Associated email address: (fill in)
My mobile phone number: (fill in)
Thanks in advance for keeping me posted about this request.
Kind regards,

delete irctc account 3

 ✅  Result


3 hours after my email, I had an answer from the customer care team so normally they’ll react very professionally without making any problem of the fact that you want to close your account. Success!


Source: Email from the Irctc customer care team

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