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How to install WeChat on PC or computer?

WeChat is a free messaging and calling app. But maybe you don’t have a mobile phone with you and you want to install it on your PC or laptop?

Then you came to the right place because we’re about to show you step by step how you can download and install WeChat on a computer:

 1  Go to

 2  Scroll down to PC > choose ‘Windows’ (PC) or ‘Mac App Store’ (Mac) to download WeChat

wechat install pc 2

 3  Click on the wechat.exe file you’ve just downloaded

wechat install pc 3

 4  Click on ‘Install WeChat’ and ‘Run’ after installation

wechat install pc 4

 5  Open the Wechat app on your phone > Discover > Scan QR code > Scan with your phone the code you see screen on your computer screen

wechat install pc 5

 6  You’ll see now appear your WeChat login on the screen of your PC and a message: ‘confirm your login on phone’.

wechat install pc 6

 7  Take your monile phone and tap on ‘Enter’ on the screen of your mobile phone now.

wechat install pc 7

 ✅  Result: You are now in WeChat on your PC

As you can see, you have now installed and logged in to WeChat on your computer. From here, you can send messages to others.

wechat install pc 8

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