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How to delete an Indeed account?

If you want to close an profile, you’ll be looking for a while on how to do that.

Finally I found the answer in the support pages. We show below how we removed our Indeed profile on a desktop computer:

 1  Open support page

by going to

delete indeed account 1


 2  Delete my account


is a link that you will notice when you scroll down.

delete indeed account 2


 3  Submit a request

is what you need to click to remove an account (as indicated on the page itself).

delete indeed account 3


 4  Fill out the blanks

and choose for example 1. Job Seeker 2. My Account & 3. Delete my account

delete indeed account 4


 5  Send us a message

is the link you can click now (below the other solutions that are proposed)

delete indeed account 5


 6  Explain the problem

Write a short text, for example: Please, delete my Indeed account as I’m not looking for a job anymore. My associated e-mail address is [Fill in yours]. Kind regards, [Your name]. Click on Send message afterwards.

delete indeed account 6


 7  Confirmation

that a message has been sent.

delete indeed account 7


 ✅  Congratulations

The same day, you will receive normally (just as I did) a confirmation from the Indeed support team that says that your account has been permanently removed from their database.

delete indeed account 8

Source screenshots (& special thanks to): |

1 thought on “How to delete an Indeed account?”

  1. Thank you for rescuing me. During my job search, I was facing so many challenges. I was never prepared to deal with “scams”.. Thanks to your expertise I was able to finally delete my Indeed profile. Thank you.

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