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How to delete a Glide account?

Glide is a live video messagingapp to send and receive live streaming video. But when you’re done using it, you might be considering to close your account. In that case: I can tell you that all it takes, is remove the app from your device.

I’ll show you below the 2 steps I’ve taken to remove my account:

 1  I’ve taken contact with the support at

but I received from them as an answer: “We are currently working on a tool that will allow you to remove the phone number associated with your account. Once this tool is completed you will have the ability to remove your phone number from our system. I will let you know via email as soon as your account can be removed. In the meantime, please uninstall Glide to avoid receiving any unwanted notifications or messages.”

I’ve added a screenshot as proof:

delete glide account 1

 2  So let’s do what the support told us…

and delete the app from your device (iOs, Android or other) just like you would remove any other app.

delete glide account 2a delete glide account 2b

 ✅  Result

The Glide app has been removed and you won’t receive anymore notifications or messages. It’s the best ‘solution’ to ‘cancel your profile’ they can offer you at this moment (25/08/2015).


Source (& thanks to): Glide customer support

3 thoughts on “How to delete a Glide account?”

  1. I am happy meeting friends on glide..but I hope you can add more options that can add more security…and I encounter problem I can’t send video and I cant play the videos I am receiving…

    I hope you can do something about it…

  2. When I uninstalled glide does it erase everything I sunt to others…and does it block my contact from seeing something that’s I sunt even if they don’t have glide installed….some of my things went to all my contacts

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