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How to delete a Gamestop account?

Gamestop is all about video games and consoles. But if you want to close your account, you’ll find out that it’s not that easy. The reason: After several minutes of searching in the settings and privacy policy, I contacted the customer service. They explained that people who want to close their account, can only do that by phone.

So this is the only way to delete your Gamestop account:

 1  Call their customer service on 800-883-8895

that’s what they said in the very kind e-mail they’ve sent me.

Personally, I found it a bit weird that you need to use an offline device to close an online account, but on the other hand I understand that they do this for security reasons.

delete gamestop account 1

 ✅  Result

They might be asking you why you want to remove the account (e.g. because you’re simply not using it anymore) and run an identity check on you. After that, they will close the account for you.


Source (and thanks to): Customer service of Gamestop

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