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How to delete my Argos account?

If you want to remove your account on Argos, an online shop in the UK that’s specialized in technology & decoration, you’ll see in this manual that you can easily do that by contacting the customer support team.

I’ll show you some pictures below on how I managed to delete my profile using a desktop computer.

 1  Go to

and you’ll arrive immediately in an email form.

delete argos account 1

 2  Choose as topic: “Anything else > Login and registration” and fill in the contact form:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Your question: In this field you need to formulate the removal request. That could be looking like:

Dear customer support of Argos,

I have an account on your website and want to close it. However, I can’t find this option in the Settings of my account.

Can you please close my profile?

My name: (your name)

Email associated with the account:(your email)

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Kind regards,

(your name)

delete argos account 2

 ✅  Result

1 month later (in my case they didn’t react fast, but at least they answered) I received an email from the Argos E-Commerce Customer Service Team. In the email they confirmed that they’ve removed my profile from their systems, but that it might take up to 5 days for these changes to have an effect. So thanks Argos, but I just hope that they’ll respond faster to the request in your case than they did in mine 😉

delete argos account 3

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