How to delete an Ebates account?

An Ebates profile is one of the harder accounts to remove. The reason: There is no delete button and they don’t explain in their privacy policy how to remove it. The only thing that works, is sending an email to the customer service:

 1  What’s their e-mail address then?

Reading the terms of service on their website, you’ll see that their current address is:

delete ebates account 1

 2  Write your e-mail


Subject: Remove my profile


Dear Customer Service,

I want to request a removal of my account on your website, as I won’t be using it anymore. 

  • The name the account is registered on is: [Insert it here]
  • The email address my account is associated with is:  [Insert it here]

Thanks in advance to confirm me the removal of my account.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

delete ebates account 2

 ✅  Result

You will soon receive an answer from the customer support to inform you that your account has been closed.

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