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How to delete a Reed account?

If you want to remove a Reed account, a popular Jobs and Recruitment website, you can easily do that in the Settings page of your account.

I’ll show you below how I managed to close my profile using a desktop computer:

 1  Go to

and log in by entering your email address and password on their site.

 2  Click on your name

and select account from the dropdown menu.

delete reed account 2

 3  Scroll down

and under the Save changes button, you will notice a deactivate account link.

delete reed account 3

 4  Final step – Tell them why you are leaving

and click on Deactivate my account.

delete reed account 4

 ✅  Congratulations

You will see a message confirming the deactivation of your profile.

delete reed account 5

2 thoughts on “How to delete a Reed account?”

  1. These instructions “deactivate” your account, not delete it. You can still sign in and it would have preserved all your details. Looks like we’ll have to manually delete all the fields first.

  2. This does not delete the account, it only deactivates it. They say, “If you would like us to permanently delete your account, please contact and select ‘Delete account'” (from I have just done this: they send an e-mail immediately, which you have to reply to, and they say they will delete the account within 24 hours.

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