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How to delete my Pornhub account?

If you want to remove your account on Pornhub, an adult video website, you can easily do that in the Settings of your account.

We’ll show you below how I managed to close a profile using a desktop computer:

 1  Go to

and log in by entering your username and password on their site.

 2  Click on the photo in the upper right to open the menu => Choose Settings

delete pornhub account 2

 3  Select the ‘Delete account’ tab

delete pornhub account 3

 4  Enter the captcha and choose: Delete your free account

On this page they also explain that if you have videos, they’ll appear to be uploaded by Anonymous and your photos will be removed.

delete pornhub account 4

 ✅  Result

Your account has been removed. In order to protect your privacy and remove your personal information from the platform, you should delete your Pornhub account. You can remove your Pornhub account by using the above step-by-step instructions. Before beginning the account cancellation process, give your choice some thought. Don’t forget to check your email for confirmation and to follow any verification instructions.

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