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How to delete a Pinterest account?

If you want to permanently delete your Pinterest account in a fast way, you came to the right place.

We explain in baby steps and with pictures how to remove your profile:


 1  Log in

using the green button below and entering your email address and password.

[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Open Pinterest sign in page > [/button-green]

delete pinterest account 1



 2  Click on your name

It will appear in the right top corner when you’re logged in.

delete pinterest account 2


 3  Account settings

is the option you need now after clicking on the gear wheel.

delete pinterest account 3


 4  Deactivate account

is a small button that you will notice when scroll down in Account basics.

delete pinterest account 4


 5  Permanently close my account

is a black link you will notice on the left now. Indicate a reason first why you want to remove your account.

delete pinterest account 5


 6  Send confirmation mail

If you’re ready to leave forever, click now on Yes, send confirmation mail.

delete pinterest account 6


 7  Last security check to close your account‏

is the title of the mail you receive now from Pinterest. Click on Yes, close account now.

delete pinterest account 7


 ✅  Result

Your account will be gone in 14 days.

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