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How to delete my Origin or EA account?

If you want to close your account on Origin, a software platform that was created by EA (Electronic Arts), you’ll see in this manual that you can only do that by contacting the customer support team.

We’ll continue this article, demonstrating what you need to do exactly. I’ll show you some pictures below on how I managed to permanently remove my profile using a desktop computer.

To start the account removal procedure, you need to send a message from the EA Help pages for Origin:

 1  Make sure you’re logged into your account and go to

delete origin account 1

 2  Choose your platform (e.g. PC) => Next

delete origin account 2

 3  Fill in the details => Next

Topic: Choose ‘Manage my account’

Issue you’re having: Choose ‘Delete account’

Tell us more: Dear EA team, as I’m not using my Origin account anymore, can you please delete it?

My account details:

Email: (your email address)

Username: (your username)

Thanks in advance for keeping me posted about this request for removal.

Kind regards,

(your name)

delete origin account 3

 4  You can only use the Chat now button to delete an account

This is because they’ll need to verify your identity => Hit Chat now

delete origin account 4

 5  Wait for an available EA agent to connect with you

In my case I just had to wait for 3 minutes

delete origin account 5

 6  Start a chat conversation

In this conversation you need to:

  • Ask them to delete your account
  • Answer the personal details and security questions they will ask you (it’s for your own safety)

delete origin account 6

 7  In the end, they’ll ask you to agree with the disclaimer

It warns you that you will lose your username and all data, including all data linked to online EA games.

All you need to do here, is say: I agree

delete origin account 7

 V  Result

=>You may click End chat when you’re done here

The sales agent will confirm that he/she will go ahead and start working on your removal request now.

Your request will now be forwarded to the EA accounts team. Once they are done with the process of completely deleting the account, they will send you an email for the update.

In my case the account was removed the very same day so it won’t take too long 🙂

delete origin account 8

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