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How to delete a NETeller account?

NETeller is a global leader in online financial services that allows consumers to make instant and secure payments over the internet. But when you’re not using the service anymore, you might be considering to close your account. In that case: I can tell you that all it takes, is a small email to their Privacy team.

I’ll show you below the one single thing you need to do to remove yourself from their network (and their answer to it). It will cost you less than 2 minutes to have your profile closed:

 1  Write an email to

I found the email address in their privacy policy, where they state that you can have you account closed by sending an email to this email address. It’s very important email address and the account ID n° (=12 numbers in my case).

Send them an email that looks like this:


Subject: Request to delete my account


Dear customer support of NETeller,

I have a Neteller account, but now I want to close it.
Can you do that for me please? (as indicated in the privacy policy)

Email associated to the account: [your email address]
account ID: [your account ID n°]

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Kind regards,
[your name]

 ✅  Result

In my case, I received a very kind email 1 day later, confirming me that the account has been permanently closed and NETeller is no longer able to provide service to this account.

delete neteller account 2

Source (& thanks to): privacy team of Neteller

20 thoughts on “How to delete a NETeller account?”

  1. Hi Johan,

    Now this email isnt avaliable : DATAPRIVACY(AT)OPTIMALPAYMENTS.COM. Where should I write now?

    By the way nice and very helpful website.

    1. Hi Milan,
      Thanks for the compliment!
      and that’s the email address I’ve sent my removal request to and it worked (make sure of course you replace the ‘(at)’ by an ‘@’ symbol 🙂 I found the email address in their privacy policy on: Just give it a second try and you’ll see that it works.

      1. Hi Johan,

        I know what is the correct email address, but everytime when I send them I got back an error email, so can you check it that this email address is still a correct one or what is the problem with it?

        “Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:


  2. Hello Johan,

    Very good post, but could u change it so that the new email is reflected, think allot of people get the bounced mail after sending there. Or maybe refer just to the privacy policy so this post will always work.

    Thank you for the effort of making this helpful artikel.

  3. I want to get suggestion from you that I will do more transactions on sites which are accepting currency USD but my account selected currency is INR. I was new to online transactions so I did that mistake. So now if I continue with my present Neteller account then I need to pay conversion fee every time I send money to other site. So I know, to avoid this extra cost I need to close the present account and need to sign up for the new account right from the start. But please tell me how I can get out my INR 418.98 Because I can withdraw to my bank account only when I must have a balance of at least 1,300.00 INR . So, please resolve this issue as soon as possible so I can proceed further.

  4. I was able to close my Neteller account immediately with a 3 minute phone call. You find the phone numbers for different countries in the support/contact section. The email confirming closure arrived before I even got off the phone! Thought this is a good option for those who wish to get it done quick.



  5. Hello, Johan:

    I’m from Taiwan, wondering if I can close my account with a little bit money in it (the money is too less to withdraw).
    Hopefully you can reply me, thank you ver much.

  6. thankyou for this post. I have sent them an email hoping to close my account. Im unable to sign in to my account as ive lost my password , yet when prompted to reset my password im told ive entered wrong details! I know my own name and email for goodness sake. I have tried ringing their Australian number to be told its disconnected. I hope my email gets through to them, else im stuck and threatened with fees for not using my account! I signed up 2 years ago and never used it. I cant withdraw the money and they keep threatening me to take it plus charge me 3 separated fees before they shut it down.
    Fingers crossed your post has helped solve this nightmare.

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