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How to delete a MeetMe account?

Unfortunately, you can ‘t remove your MeetMe account in the app. You’ll need to do it on a desktop computer. 

I’ll show you below what you need to do to close your profile:

 1  Go to on a PC

delete meetme account 1


 2  Login

by entering your email and password.

delete meetme account 2


 3  Click on the Settings icon

you’ll notice it in the upper right corner.

delete meetme account 3


 4  Select “Account” in the dropdown menu

delete meetme account 4


 5  Deactivate account

is an option that becomes visible now. That’s the one you need to choose.

delete meetme account 5


 6  The final step

is enter your email, password and reason for removal.

If you click Deactivate account now, your account is gone.

delete meetme account 6

 ✅  Congratulations

Your account has successfully been deleted and you’ll be redirected to the homepage.


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