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How to delete a Listia account?

Honestly: I was very frustrated not being able to find a Remove profile button in the Settings page of my Listia account. Because how was I supposed to close my account then?

Well in the end, I managed to close my account. I’ll show you how I did it:

 1  Where to begin?

Reading the articles in the Help section, I discovered that an account can only be removed by submitting a support ticket. If that’s what it takes, that is what we’ll do.

delete listia account 1

 2  Go to

 3  And fill out the ticket

Subject: Remove my profile

Reason for your contact: Account help > Account status > I want to delete my account


Dear Customer Service,

I want to request a removal of my account on your website, as I won’t be using it anymore. 

  • The name the account is registered on is: [Insert it here]
  • The email address my account is associated with is:  [Insert it here]

Thanks in advance to confirm me the removal of my account.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

=> Click on Submit when you’re done
delete listia account 3

 ✅  Result

In my case the customer service replied me within a day, confirming me the account was removed.

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