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How to delete my Jobsdb account?

Jobdsb is a job portal for people who want to give their career a fresh start. There’s no question about the fact that they’re growing rapidly in popularity, but if you have an account on their website and you’re thinking about closing it, we’re here to help and facilitate that process for you. All it takes to remove your profile, is one simple email to their support team.

I’ll show you below what this email could look like and what you need to mention in it:

 1  Open your email account and send a mail to their support team

All you need to do is ask them to close your account and send them your name and email address.The email address you need to contact, depends on the platform you created an account on:

  • Hong Kong:
  • Indonedia:
  • Philippines:
  • Singapore:
  • Thailand:

If you don’t receive a reaction from them, I would advise you to try again on their primary e-mail address:

The e-mail itself could be looking like this:


Subject: Request to delete my account


Dear Jobsdb support team,

As I found a job by now, I would like to delete my account on jobsdb. Can you please explain remove it from your website?

My user details:
Name: [your name]
Email associated with the account: [your email]

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Kind regards,
[your name]

 ✅  Result

I did the test myself for an account on Jobsdb Indonedia and it worked! => A few hours later I received an email from their support team in which they confirmed that my account had been terminated. 


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