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How to logout from an Imvu account?

If someone else wants to login to your Imvu account (or if you simply don’t want Imvu to be automatically logged into Imvu), it’s very important to know how to securely log out from your Imvu account. If you don’t do that, someone else can chat in your place. That’s something we don’t want of course.

We’ll show you some pictures on how to sign out from a Imvu session using the desktop program:

 1  While you’re in the downloaded Imvu software, you’ll see in the upper right corner ‘Sign out’. Click it

imvu logout 1

 2  Confirm that you want to log out from your profile

imvu logout 2

 3  Now it’s very important to deactivate ‘save password’ and ‘run Imvu on startup’

if you don’t do this, the next time you start your computer, you’ll be logged in automatically.

imvu logout 3

 ✅  Congratulations – You logged out

and at the same time you prevented Imvu to sign in automatically the next time that you start your computer.

imvu logout 4

Source screenshots (& thanks to): and their software for desktop

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