How to delete an iDrive account?

iDrive provides an online backup for several of your devives. But if you have an account on their website and you’re looking for a way to close it, we’re here to help you. I’ll explain below how you can remove your profile in the Settings of your account.

Here are some pictures on how I managed to delete my account on a desktop computer:

 1  Go to the website and log in to your account

 2  Click on your email address (right top corner) and select account in the menu that appears

delete idrive account 2

 3  You’ll see now a Cancel my account link

It’s in the iDrive account summary.

delete idrive account 3

 4  Fill in the fields

Enter your password, phone number, email address and the reason for cancelling your account.

delete idrive account 4

 5  Confirm that you want to delete your account

by entering your email address, password and  reason for cancellation.

delete idrive account 5

 ✅  Result

You’ll be redirected to the iDrive homepage now. Your account has been removed and all of your files will be permanently deleted.

Mission accomplished!


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