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How to delete a Hulu account?

If you want to stop watching movies and tv series on Hulu, you might be looking for a solution to close your account.

You’ll see that it’s not so difficult to do, because you can do it in the Settings of your account.

I’ll guide you, showing on a desktop computer, how I removed my personal profile:


 1  Go to

delete hulu account 1

 2  Sign in

by entering your associated email address and your password.

delete hulu account 2

 3  Update personal info

is a link that you’ll see immediately after the login.

delete hulu account 3

 4  Delete my free Hulu account

is a link that you will notice in the popup that shows up now.

delete hulu account 4

 5  Are you sure?

Because your username, all reviews, viewing history, queues and subscriptions will be lost and gone.

If you do, enter your password in this final step.

delete hulu account 5

 ✅  Congratulations

You have deleted your profile.

delete hulu account 6

Source screenshots (& thanks to):

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