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How to delete a Grubhub account?

With GrubHub you can order food online. But when you’re not planning to order online anymore, you might of course be considering to close your account. In that case: I can tell you that all it takes, is 1 email to their support email addres. 

I’ll show you below the one single email you need to send to remove your profile from their website and their reply (with screenshots):

 1  Write an email to

I found this email address in their privacy policy. All you need to do is ask them to close your account and send them your name & email address.

Your e-mail could be looking like this:


Subject: Request to delete my account & personal data


Dear customer support of GrubHub,
I have an account on your website, but I would like to close it. 
Can you delete my profile please?
> Name: [your name]
> Email associated with the account: [your email address]
Thanks in advance for helping me out.
Kind regards,
[your name]

delete grubhub account 1

 ✅  Result

I received a very quick reply from the customer support, confirming me that my account has been succesfully closed. Mission accomplished!
delete grubhub account 2

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6 thoughts on “How to delete a Grubhub account?”

    1. It doesn’t matter who the person was that he was speaking out against, that was a poor personal and business decision on his part. I am also closing my account due to the lack of class and character displayed. Not everyone voted for Trump and it shouldn’t matter if they did, especially your employees. He should have been grateful to those that exercised their right as an american and voted for anyone regardless of what the political season made of an individual.

  1. Thanks for this guide. After the hateful email the CEO sent to all Grubhub employees, I will be using this to remove my account. I won’t support a company that tells employees who to vote for.

  2. To:

    Subject: Request to delete my account & personal data


    Dear customer support of GrubHub,

    I have an account on your website, but I would like to close it.
    Can you delete my profile please?

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