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How to delete my Faceparty account?

Faceparty is a social network website that claims to be the biggest party on earth, but apparently it’s also the most difficult party to leave if you want to remove your account:

  • There’s no delete button or removal link
  • I contacted the support 2 times, asking them to close your account, but they simply didn’t react

=> If you want to remove your account on Faceparty, you’ll need to use a special trick and report your own profile.

 1  Go to and log in

 2  Select My profile in the main menu

delete faceparty account 2

 3  Choose the first option: View profile

delete faceparty account 3

 4  Click on Report member

delete faceparty account 4

 5  Fill in the form

Reporting what: a profile

Offense: Security concern

Description: This is my account and I want to remove it, but I can’t find a delete button!

Handling of claim: Delete member

Finish by filling in your details

=> Report member

delete faceparty account 5

 6  A confirmation appears: Thank you for reporting this member. We will review your complaint

delete faceparty account 6

 ✅  Result

I never received any message from the support team, but when I tried to login 1 month later, a message appeared:

Account deleted.

=> your account is closed now. Mission accomplished!

delete faceparty account 7

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