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How to delete an Evernote account?

If you want to close your Evernote, you will notice it’s not that easy. 

The reason for that is that you will need to go to a special deactivation page. 

Below you’ll see the screenshots on how I removed my account on a desktop computer:

 1  Open the deactivation page

by going to

delete evernote account 1


 2  Login

by entering your email addres or username and password.

delete evernote account 2


 3  Deactivate your account

is a button that will show immediately now after the login. Check the box and click on it.

delete evernote account 3


 ✅  Congratulations

Your account has successfully been deactivated and you will alsno no longer receive mails linked to your account.

delete evernote account 4

Source screenshots: Viber app on iphone

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