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How to delete a BBM account?

If you want to remove your BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) ID, you’ll notice it’s not that easy. But I can tell you: It’s possible. All you need to do is follow these 4 steps and pictures below and in 4 clicks, your account will be gone.

This is how I closed my BBM account using an iPhone (but steps remain the same for a Blackerry or Android device):

 1  Go to the inbox of your email

by that, we mean of course the inbox of the email address that’s linked to your BBM account.

delete bbm account 1


 2  Search for the Blackberry ID account activation e-mail

You received it upon creation of your Blackberry messenger account. The subject was: Your Blackberry ID has been created.

delete bbm account 2


 3  Delete this Blackberry ID

is a link you’ll notice when you scroll down to the bottom of the activation e-mail.

delete bbm account 3


 4  Continue the removal procedure

to delete your BlackBerry ID by clicking the button on the bottom of the landing page.

delete bbm account 4


 ✅  Result

Your BlackBerry ID removal request has been completed. The profile has been deleted.

delete bbm account 5

Source (& thanks to): BBM app for iOs devices

4 thoughts on “How to delete a BBM account?”

    1. Hi PCX,
      if you don’t have the confirmation mail anymore, there’s no other way to have your account removed as far as I know. It all would be easier if they would just develop a delete button in the settings!

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