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How to delete an Ashley Madison account?

If you want to remove an Ashley Madison account, you can do that in the Settings page of your account.

I’ll show you below how I managed to close my profile using a desktop computer:

 1  Log in to your account

by entering your Username (=not your email address!) and password on

delete ashleymadison account 1

 2  Choose “Manage Profile” in the head menu

followed by “Delete profile” in the left menu

delete ashleymadison account 2

 3  Hide profile from Search*

is the option we prefer in this example (Reason: it’s free, while the full removal would cost extra)

*Trick: If you don’t feel comfortable with the hide from Search, we consider you to remove all your personal details first (pictures, name, info,…). That way your profile cannot be recognized anymore.

delete ashleymadison account 3

 4  Select a reason for removal

and click on the Permanently Hide button.

delete ashleymadison account 4

 ✅  Congratulations

Your account has been permanently hidden from the system and your profile won’t be visible anymore.

I believe that this solution is better than the AM solution you have to pay for, but that’s my personal opinion.

delete ashleymadison account 5

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