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How to delete an Amolatina account?

Amolatina is a marriage agency that brings men into contact with South American Women. But if you found love in meantime and want to close your account on their site, this article will help you on your way out. 

I’ll share some pictures below, showing what you can do to remove your profile. Just as I did, you’ll maybe notice that the customer service never answers anyone and the best way to close your profile is to remove all your personal data + unsubscribe to the messages and emails:

 1  Trying to contact their customer service first…

I asked them if they could delete my account (as they have no Remove button), but we’re 1 month later now and I never received an answer on my question on how to cancel an account on their website. I guess they don’t like to see people leave and that’s the reason for their silence. As you can see in the screenshot below, my inbox for customer service still says 0 messages. So first lesson: contacting them won’t help.

delete amolatina account 1

 2  The best solution in this case

is log in to your account and remove all your personal data. Start by going in the left menu to: My account > My profile.

Once you’re there, make sure that you remove in this page all personal data like pictures and description.

delete amolatina account 2

 3  But you’re not there yet

because you also need to go to My account > My account information. On this page you need to remove your name, mobile phone number and address (or change it to Lorem Ipsum)

delete amolatina account 3

 4  You’ve just made your account anonymous => Now we’re also going to stop the emails/messages from women by going to

Fill in your email address and password and follow the steps in the procedure

delete amolatina account 4

 5  At the end you’ll see the screen that confirms that you’ve successfully unsubscribed to their emails

delete amolatina account 5

 ✅  Result

I know… It’s not the same as a permanent removal, but nobody can recognize your account anymore from now on (as you removed your info and pictures) and you won’t receive anymore emails. Unless Amolatina would launch a cancellation button, this is the closest that we can bring you to a complete closure of your profile.

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6 thoughts on “How to delete an Amolatina account?”

  1. I have asked several time to delet the account but I keep getting mails. It easy to register with you but its difficult for you people to delete me from your data base so please ask you sercive provider to delete my accout.

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