How to delete an Amazon account?

If you want to permanently delete your Amazon account in a fast way, you came to the right place.

We explain in baby steps guided by pictures how to remove your profile:

 1  Be aware

of the fact that there’s no button to simply delete your Amazon account. As Amazon states in the support pages, you always need to contact customer service to remove the account, so that’s what we’re going to do.

delete amazon account 1


 2  Sign in

using the green button below and entering your email address and password.

Open Amazon sign in page >

delete amazon account 2


 3  Once you’re logged in

you need to click on Help.

delete amazon account 3


 4  Scroll down to Browse Help Topics >Need more help? > Contact us

delete amazon account 4


 5  Choose the right options

5A) What can we help you with? Answer: Prime or something else

delete amazon account 5A

5B) Tell us more about your issue: Answer: Account settings > Close my account

delete amazon account 5B

5C) How would you like to contact us: Answer: Email


 6  Ask to close it

Write something like:

Dear people of Amazon,

I would like to request the closure of my Amazon account. I have no open orders so I suppose it won’t be a problem.

Kind regards,
(your name)

=> Click on Send e-mail

delete amazon account 6


 ✅  Result

You will receive a response from one of the Amazon representatives within 12 hours confirming the removal of your profile.


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