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How to delete my Agoda account?

If you want to close your account on Agoda, a hotel booking website, you’ll see in this manual that it’s not an easy task.

Honestly: I couldn’t find an answer myself on their website, so I decided to contact the customer support team..

 1  Asking the Agoda customer service to delete my profile

I received a clear answer: Agoda is unable to delete your account, the only thing they can do is remove you from their mailing list.

delete agoda account 1

 2  Isn’t there anything else I can do then?

Sure you can > Plan B is to make your account unrecognizable by removing all of your personal data. You can do that following this procedure:

  1. Log in into your Agoda account
  2. Choose My profile (upper right corner)
  3. Select Edit information
  4. Change your personal info (name, email, country,…) to Lorem Ipsum

You can also try to remove your payment information in the My card details section.

delete agoda account 2

 ✅  Result

I know… It’s frustrating to conclude that it’s impossible to close an account, but by removing all your personal data, addresses & payment information, you make the account as ‘unrecognizable’ as possible. It’s a better to leave the platform this way than to leave it with all of your personal data still in it.


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