How to delete a Grindr account?

We saw that a lot of people are looking around for a solution to remove their Grindr profile.

Just deleting the app won’t work! Follow along with the steps and picures below to close your account the right way.

Attention: the steps below only work for a free account. If you have a paid subscription, it must be cancelled through the App store. 


 1  Click on the logo in the left top corner

once you’ve opened the app.

delete grindr account 1


 2  Settings

is the item you need to choose.

delete grindr account 2


 3  Privacy

is what you need from the Settings menu (although it isn’t the most logical).

delete grindr account 3


 4  Delete profile

will appear in the privacy menu

delete grindr account 4


 5  Confirm

that you’re sure that you want to remove your account.

delete grindr account 5


 6  Remove the app

You’re now free to remove the app from your device.

delete grindr account 6


 ✅  Result

Your profile and the app are both permanently gone now.


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