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How to delete a TaxAct account?

TaxAct is a very popular tool, as it prints and files your income taxes for free. But if you’re not using this tool anymore, I can imagine that you want to close your account on their site. This article will help you on your way out.

But very honestly: I didn’t find a close button or removal link on their website, so I had to ask the customer support for help.

 1  Asking their customer service for help…

I received a clear answer and I learned that the only method that comes closest to an account removal, is deleting all your personal information from the account profile.

To do do, follow these 4 simple steps (or read the instructions in the screenshot below):

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Click on the ‘Profile’ tab
  3. Remove all your personal information from the fields (or replace it by ‘Lorem Ipsum’)
  4. Click on the green Save button

delete taxact account 1

 ✅  Result

I know… It’s not the same result as a permanent removal, but as they don’t offer such option, closest that we can bring you to a complete closure of your profile.


Source (& thanks to): customer service of

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