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How to delete my Snapdeal account?

Snapdeal is an online shopping website in India. But if you want to stop using it and you think about closing your account, we’re here to help and facilitate that process for you. All it takes to remove your profile, is a simple removal request by email to their support team.

I’ll show you below in step 1: what your email needs to contain and as a result: how they will respond to your email.

 1  Open your email account and send an email to

Ok and what do I need to mention in your e-mail?

  • To:
  • Subject: Request to delete my account
  • Message: A correct removal request needs to contain 3 things:
    1. Information about the account that you want to delete: All you need to mention is your Mobile phone number and/or email address that are associated with the account
    2. Reason(s) for removal: e.g. I’m not using it anymore, too complex for me, duplicate account,…
    3. Last but not least: Send this request from the email address that’s associated with the account (for security reasons)

=> Your email could be looking like this:

Dear Snapdeal support team

I want to delete my Snapdeal account just because I’m not planning to use it anymore. Can you please remove my account?

My name is: (fill in your name)
Email associated with my Snapdeal account: (fill in your email address)
My mobile phone number: (fill in your mobile number)

Thanks in advance for keeping me posted about this issue.

Kind regards,

(your name)

 ✅  Result

1 day later, I received an answer to my request for closure.

As you will notice, they will help you to close an account if you’ve provided all details to them.

delete snapdeal account 2

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