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How to delete a Samsung account?

Do you want to close your Samsung account? Then you’ll read below how you can do that on a desktop computer. 

Just be aware of the fact that with your account all downloads, bought items, etc. will be removed with it on all connected devices.

If you’re sure about that, we can start cancelling the account:

 1  Go to

delete samsung account 1


 2  Choose Sign in

delete samsung account 2


 3  Sign in

by entering your ID (= associated email address) and your password.

delete samsung account 3


 4  Choose Profile

in the menu you will see on the left

delete samsung account 4


 5  Delete account

Is a button that can be found on the bottom of the Profile page.

delete samsung account 5


 6  Confirm

that you want to remove your account (and don’t forget to mark the checkbox).

delete samsung account 6



 ✅  Congratulations

You have deleted your profile.

delete samsung account 7

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